As Camp Season Approaches, Covid Testing for Kids Becomes Vital

HHWith spring officially underway, summer will be upon us in just a few short months and camps across the country will begin to open again. In years past, that would have been great news for kids and parents alike, but everything is different in the time of Covid-19. Social distancing, for example, is still being practiced, and the virus is still causing widespread problems. The thought of a typical summer camp with hundreds of children packed together in close-quarters is bound to send chills down many parents’ spine.

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Still, the fact is that camps will be opening, counselors will be counseling, and children will be coming to camp. Knowing this, parents, counselors, and camps have a responsibility to make sure every child is tested for Covid-19, either at home or when arriving at camp. With the latest testing technology and relatively fast result-times, COVID-19 testing is easy, fast, safe, and very effective. It is one of the very best ways to slow the spread of the coronavirus according to health experts including the CDC.

Covid Testing is the Best Way To Keep Your Camp Safe

Here’s a fact; anyone, including a minor, can be infected with the coronavirus and be asymptomatic, which means they don’t show any outward signs or symptoms of being sick. That’s good news, more or less, for the person affected, but not such good news for people that person might encounter.

Even without symptoms, someone who has the coronavirus can pass it along to another person. That’s a big problem, especially for kids at camp, as they will be near each other very often. That’s the nature of a summer camp and, realistically, can’t be avoided.

However, testing children before they leave for camp or right when they arrive is easy and safe. Knowing that a child doesn’t have the coronavirus is, of course, important. Knowing which children are infected, however, is more important. It allows parents to keep their children home so that they don’t spread the virus. Also, counselors can quarantine kids already at camp so that they don’t spread the virus to others.

Knowing that all children are COVID-19-free allows a camp to do what it does best; entertain, engage and provide kids a fun and memorable summer. It’s the best way to keep campers safe and slow the spread of this deadly virus.

Testing for Covid-19 is Easy and Fast

Parents and counselors alike might not believe that administering a COVID-19 test is easy, but that’s not the case at all. Today there are self-administered COVID-19 tests that you can perform in the comfort of your own home or the nurse’s office at your summer camp. These tests are safe, simple to use, and typically provide results within 1 to 2 days.

For parents, these easy COVID-19 tests are a godsend. Testing companies can send them directly to their home and, where they can self-administer the test to their child. For parents who might be concerned, it’s a simple swab that causes no pain whatsoever and minimal, if any, discomfort for your child. (It’s also very fast, so there’s no need to worry if your child is the type that can’t sit still.)

For camp staff, COVID-19 testing is equally easy and fast. The camp nurse can perform the test, of course, but any qualified camp staff member can administer it as well. It’s straightforward and practically foolproof and will provide the information they need to run their camp safely this summer

Covid-19 Testing Gives Kids The Chance To Have Fun At Your Camp

Let’s be honest; 2020 was an awful year. So many people passed away from the virus, and it disrupted so many lives, some forever. Kids bore a large brunt of the mayhem and misery, with schools closed and, last summer, camps closed. Many schools shuttered sports programs too, and kids were forced to stay away from their friends.

As the pandemic eases, the one thing that most children need is simple; the opportunity to be children again. Covid testing can give them that opportunity. By rigorously testing every child, we can significantly prevent the spread of the disease, giving our kids the summer camp experience they’ve been longing for since summer ended in 2019.

In Closing 

Health experts worry that, as the pandemic eases, testing will decline. That’s problematic as testing has consistently been recognized as the very best method for identifying and defending against this deadly virus. If you run a summer camp for kids, or you’re a concerned parent, please leave your name and contact information, and we’ll send you our camp testing recommendations as well as schedule a free consultation to discuss your camp’s needs. Until then, we wish everyone a pleasant and safe summer and a great time at camp for every kid!

Contact Us Today to get your camp testing recommendations as well as schedule a free consultation to discuss your camp’s needs.


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