David Dickens, director of recruiting

David Dickens

director of recruiting

lead recruiter: vision, dental & pediatric services

With over 12 years of healthcare recruiting experience, Dave is a seasoned professional adept at engaging decision-makers, forging authentic relationships, and aligning values for successful placements that foster lasting partnerships between providers and practices.

Dave’s personalized approach ensures that each placement represents a meaningful career advancement, rather than merely another job opportunity. Whether you’re an employer in search of the ideal candidate or a professional pursuing career growth, Dave provides unwavering guidance throughout the process.

In his free time, Dave enjoys fishing, hiking, golfing, and spending time with his family in the Pacific Northwest!

Connect with David

Reach out to Dave today to experience a recruitment professional who prioritizes substance over hype. Let Dave redefine your healthcare recruitment journey with professionalism and authenticity.

David Dickens, Lead Recruiter

Vision, Dental & Pediatric Services

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