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Heed Health was conceived in the crucible of necessity during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging from the heart of a large physician-led medical practice, our journey began with a mission to keep essential businesses operational by offering on-site COVID testing services. As the pandemic subsided, we discerned a persistent need for our extensive network of exceptional EMTs, paramedics, and nurses – not just for COVID-related services but to provide on-site medical response across diverse environments.

Our foray into event medical staffing was a natural evolution, extending our support to a myriad of settings including events, summer camps, sports competitions, and media productions. Recognizing the enduring demand for top-tier healthcare professionals beyond the pandemic, we expanded our services. Leveraging our profound understanding of high-growth medical settings, we meticulously crafted permanent provider staffing solutions tailored to the unique demands of burgeoning medical practices.

What sets Heed Health apart is our unwavering commitment to close collaboration. We understand that success in healthcare hinges on genuine partnerships. Our values of excellence, integrity, and trust form the bedrock of these partnerships, establishing enduring connections with both clients and candidates.

Choosing Heed Health means more than securing a service provider – it’s selecting a dedicated ally. A partner who comprehends your needs, shares your resolute commitment to healthcare excellence, and stands by your side. We invite you to join hands with us as we collectively shape the future of healthcare.

Welcome to Heed Health, where commitment meets collaboration, and healthcare thrives.

Our Team

Seasoned Operators with Expert Backing

Brian Stern


Liz Edgerton

VP, Operations

Lauren Luchan

Director, client success

Jennifer O’Neill

Director, Staffing

Heed Health

By fostering success and growth for both our clients and the providers we place, we build long-term partnerships based on trust, integrity, and a shared commitment to excellence in healthcare.

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